Linoor is a premium Template for Digital Agencies, Start Ups, Small Business and a wide range of other agencies.
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We provide professional service along with procurement and implementation of your IT requirements.


Goodmayes online is providing IT services, we are helping our clients to divert costs from IT to the core business, by using an innovative repeatable end-to-end procurement solution that is based on a preferred vendor model. It focuses on providing a secure and low-risk way of achieving technology compliance at competitive prices.

We provide a cost-effective implementation of hardware and Software for businesses of every size.


We make IRMC easy and Fast

Our unique repeatable end-to-end procurement solution relies on the preferred vendor model, reducing the complexity of IRMC and allowing you to concentrate your resources on delivering the services you do best. We make IRMC fast! We can help you achieve compliant status within weeks, not months.

Low Risk, Best Practices, and Competitive Cost

Our process has been designed to mitigate the risk and stress often associated with IRMC compliance. We make IRMC competitive pricing, significantly reducing your total IRMC costs and saving your money and resources. We will help you to achieve best practices ensuring that you are fully compliant with all the regulations and standards applicable to you as an outsourced provider.

Your Business will do with our Professional IT Procurement Services

We are providing sourcing services to the buyers of the hardware, software, technology, and information technology services and solutions.

Benefits of having Us

Our core values are trust, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to generating new ideas and provide to our clients with the best quality products and services. We are a team of IT professionals committed to achieving our client’s objectives by providing cost-effective solutions through innovative methods, as well as by building lasting relationships.

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