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Video Extender

Are you looking for the Best Video Extender Online? Shop Video Extender allows enable remote high-speed KVM access to a single computer at HD display resolution at a low cost in Goodmayes Online. The Products are, Aten HDMI HDBaseT (up to 4k@70m over Cat5e/6 and up to 100m over Cat6a/ Aten Cat6, 1080p @ 1080p, long reach mode up to 150m) & VGA US Wall Plate Tran, Lenkeng HDMI Wireless 50 Meters wireless HDbitT HDMI Transmitter & Receiver Kit with IR with 360° IR, Lenkeng HDMI Extender HDbitT 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 Extender Over 120m CAT5/5E/6 w/ IR & RS232, etc.Purchase Video Extender provides an overview of KVM extension technology and explains the main points to be noted when evaluating KVM extenders. It also highlights the critical role that KVM extenders play in many environments, their benefits, the primary types of connections available with KVM extenders, and the characteristics of various transmission mediums at a low cost in Goodmayes Online. Buy Video Extender Centralization of assets and security at a low cost in Goodmayes Online. Shop from us with one click!

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